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    Easy Playdough Ideas - DIY Playdough Donut

    easy to make playdough donut
    So you're looking for some easy playdough ideas and want to know how to make an easy playdough donut? Well you are in the right place.
    Now before we begin I must say, as delicious as this playdough donut looks - try not to eat it once you've finished 😅


    4x Different coloured playdoughs
    1x Bottle cap lid - to make holes 
    1x Rolling pin - to flatten some playdough
    1x Popsicle stick - to cut some playdough bits

    Let's make an easy playdough donut!

    Starting out with the donut base, you just want to roll a nice ball of playdough (we are using our Azure Blue playdough for this step) about as big as the palm of your hand.

    Then you want to squash it down with the palm of your hand.

    easy playdough donut
    Then use your trusty bottle cap lid and push down on the center of it, to cut out the circle in the middle of your donut base.
    playdough donut ideas
    Now get another coloured playdough (we are using Strawberry Pink) this will be your icing for your playdough donut. Flatten it using a rolling pin, or the palm of your hand. Then use the bottle cap again on in the center.
    play doh donut
    You can use the popsicle stick here to cut an uneven sort of pattern around it, to resemble the donut icing a little better.
    playdough donut diy guide
    Then place the donut icing layer on top of the base and push down on the middle and around the edges so it looks like it's melted onto the base.

    how to make playdough donut

    Beautiful! Look at that, it's already coming together. Now we need to create the icing for this delicious looking playdough donut.

    Start rolling another coloured playdough (we used the Banana Yellow playdough for this) into a really thin snake. . Then use the popsicle stick to slice it into little tiny bits. This will be our sprinkles.

    playdough donut icing

    Now get another coloured playdough (we used Lime Green playdough) and roll it into another skinny snake. This will be our icing drizzle.

    play doh donut icing

    Then start placing your skinny snake playdough like a weird S or Z sort of pattern across the donut.

    play doh donut icing

    After you have your icing drizzle, then it's time to sprinkle the sprinkles we made earlier!

    diy easy playdough donut

    There we have it! Pat yourself on the back for getting through this. If you're proud of your creation be sure to share it with us, we'd love to see it :)  

    playdough donut


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    Jen Williams calendar_today

    I love it! So cute ❤

    Kimberley calendar_today

    Thanks for this, will try this out with my 6 year old next time we get the playdough out!

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